Zefr Broadens AI-Powered Brand Suitability Measurement with Additional Language Capabilities across Meta’s Facebook and Instagram Feed and Reels

2 min readApr 30, 2024

In a significant stride towards global availability, Zefr’s AI-powered brand safety and suitability verification solution for Meta now extends its support to an additional 16 languages. This expansion allows global brands to gain transparency into their content adjacencies across 28 total languages globally, including the newly added:

· Assamese
· Bengali
· Bhojpuri
· Gujarati
· Hindi
· Italian
· Kannada
· Malayalam
· Marathi
· Oriya
· Polish
· Punjabi
· Swedish
· Tamil
· Telugu
· Urdu

Zefr’s AI-powered measurement solution empowers marketers with insights into their campaigns on Meta, including Instagram Feed, Facebook Feed, and Reels placements. Through Zefr’s Atrium dashboard, brands gain a comprehensive view of Meta campaign measurement, ensuring transparency across Meta platforms. Zefr’s verification solution with Meta provides transparency into content adjacencies across all twelve GARM suitability categories, including misinformation.

This update signifies even broader global reach, now accommodating 28 languages across diverse regions worldwide.

Richard Raddon, Co-CEO & Co-Founder of Zefr, emphasized the significance of this expansion, stating:

“Expanding our AI-powered brand suitability measurement on Meta to encompass such a range of global languages marks a crucial milestone for brands wanting to scale their responsible media footprint across key global and local markets.”

For detailed insights into Zefr’s brand suitability verification offering for Meta platforms, please visit www.zefr.com/atrium or get in touch at measurement@zefr.com.




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